• Ladies

    The Labor Saving Arm can allow Ladies to lift heavy furniture and white goods to access under them for cleaning or retrieving items that have fallen under them.

  • Lifting Furniture and White Goods

    The Labor Saving Arm has a lot of uses where you're working alone and need to Lift White Goods or furniture . It will lift white goods or furniture so you can access under them clean there, place electrical cords or adjust height adjusters on unlevel floors.

  • Lifting Doors

    When working on fitting doors instead of needing 2 people to lift the door place the Labor Saving Arm under one end of the door while you work on the other end of the door, e.g. fitting hinges, etc. Raise Labor Saving Arm to desired height.

  • More than one LSA

    There may be some instances where it would be beneficial for you to have 2, 3, or 4 LSA's.